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    Looking for the red sauce recipe they use on their red quesadillas, This a small chain in So. California. They have locations in Downey and Anaheim and maybe one or two others.

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    I am sorry but I don't happen to have this recipe.


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      Hello Hamlin11fan

      We have 5 El Tacos here.But i'm pretty sure they dont serve quesadillas,unless its a brand new item.I'm wondering if your's is of the same Franchise as ours, which is called Mexican Villa's El Taco.If it is the same,could you explain the sauce?The reason being,our El Taco's have 4 different red sauces,3 for tacos:1 is a sweet taco sauce,the next one a mild taco sauce & the 3rd a hot taco sauce.Then we have the red enchilada sauce or "gravy" which is a very thick sauce.They ladle it over their enchiladas,sanchos & burritos.Its really good!Could this be the red sauce that you are looking for?
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        D'sMom I live in la/orange co., CA The El Taco here are just called El Taco and there are only about 5 of them around. To the best of my knowledge there only here and I'm not sure where your from but thanks for trying