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    nommie Posted August 26, 2004 07:39 AM
    I found this on another board-thought it sounded interesting. I am just wondering how to decorate the can so it could be baked.

    Posted by: tabbie Replies: 2 Posted on: 8/25/2004 7:15:57 PM
    Nice to give as a ----present.
    Orange Cake Mix In A Can
    3/4 cup orange cake mix
    3 orange slice candies(gumdrop type candy,called orange slices)
    1-cut each candy slice into 6 small pieces each.Mix candies with the cake mix.
    2-Place cake mixture into a ziplock sandwich bag.Place bag into a 14-16 ozs.decorated can.
    3-Attach a recipe card with following instructions.
    Orange Slice Cake to Bake In Can
    1-Remove mix from can,empty bag of mix into a medium bowl.
    2-Add 1 tbsp.water
    1 tbsp.oil
    1 egg
    Mix well.
    3-Remove any labels or decorations from can.Grease can with oil--pour oil in and swirl around to coat sides,drain off excess oil.(Don't spray can with cooking spray,--recipe will not work in a sprayed can.)
    4-Spoon batter into can,put can on cookie sheet and put in oven,bake 32-35 350šoven.Cake is done when straw or bamboo sketer place in middle of cake comes out with no wet batter on it.
    5-When cake is done,let cool 15 the can.Run knife around edge of cake to loosen it from the can.Shake can to allow cake to slide out.
    6-To serve,cut cake into slices.
    These cakes are also good in other flavors:
    Lemon---mixed with lemon slices
    Strawberry--mixed with strawberry slices
    Pineapple--mixed with pineapple slices