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  • Strange Pickles

    This sounds interesting. Someone make some and send me a jar would ya?

    Title: Strange Pickles
    Date: 07/09/2008 07:30:48
    Posted by: oh_mother_may_I

    2 Cauliflower bunches
    2 Broccoli bunches
    1 Bag Small to Med Carrots
    5-10 Small to Med Onions
    5-10 Small to med Cucumbers
    3-4 Jalepeno Peppers
    2 Different vinegars (Apple cider and White)

    Take your broccoli and cauliflower bunches and cut into nice bunches (a little bigger than bite size). For the carrots peel and if too large cut in half. If using small onions leave whole, if using larger ones cut in half. For the cucumbers it is up to you. You can peel them or not. I use small ones for the easiness. Peppers leave as they are. If you havent washed your veggies now is a good time. I boil each of the vegetables on the stove for 5-10 minutes each depending on the vegetable(seperately of course). I then layer them on a cookie sheet to cool slightly( again seperately). After each are done, now boil the vinegars again seperately and we are ready for putting together.

    I use several large jars about 1/2 gallon each and of course cleaned. I layer the vegetables until to just below the top. I then layer the vinegars over the top( while they are still hot) I add dill and pickling spices to the mix , wait a minute and seal. I then put them up in a dark cupboard and leave for about a month. When I open them I take them outside because they have a strong smell. These are not for the soft-hearted who dont like em hot. You can change it here and there and add three kinds of vinegars or ciders. Change the vegetables also.
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    Re: Strange Pickles

    I'll try these when I finally get my cucumbers right now they are just flowers.