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  • Chiles'n Ham Cups

    I would add some jalapenos or habaneros!

    Chiles'n Ham Cups

    10-ounces can refrigerated flaky biscuits

    3-ounce package cream cheese,softened

    1 cup cubed ham cooked ham

    1/4 cup sliced ripe olives

    4 0unces(1 cup)shredded cheddar cheese

    4-ounce can chopped green chiles,drained

    10 small pitted ripe olives

    Heat oven to 375 degrees.Grease 10 muffin cups.

    Separate dough into 10 biscuits.Place 1 biscuit in each muffin cup,firmly press in bottom and up sides,forming 1/4 -inch rim.

    In large bowl,combine cream cheese,ham,1/4 cup sliced olives,cheese and chiles, blend well.

    Spoon about 1/4 cup of ham mixture into each biscuit lined cup.

    Bake at 375 degrees.For 20 to 25 minutes or until edges of biscuits are golden brown.Cool 1 minute,remove from pan.

    Garnish each with pitted olive.

    Serve with salsa and sour cream---- Makes 10 servings

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