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Heavenly Hot Ham Buns

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  • Heavenly Hot Ham Buns

    Heavenly Hot Ham Buns
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    This may sound an unusual combination but trust me when I say that all the flavours meld beautifully into a wonderful taste sensation. Serving suggestion: with some coleslaw and chips.

    1/2 # cubed cooked ham
    1/2 # cubed cheddar cheese (I would recommend medium to strong for flavor)
    3 T chopped green olives
    1/2 c chili sauce
    1/2 c good mayonnaise (suggested: Hellman's)
    4 large hamburger buns

    Pre-heat the oven to 400*F. Slice the hamburger buns in half, but not quite all the way through. Set aside.

    Mix the ham, cheese, olives, chili sauce and mayonnaise together in a bowl. Make sure they are well combined. Divide the mixture evenly between the four buns and then press the tops of the buns over top of the filling. Wrap each one in aluminum foil leaving a bit of airspace around the bun, but making sure each packet is closed entirely. Place them on a baking tray.

    Bake in the pre-heated oven for 15-20 minutes, until the filling is hot and the cheese is melted. Remove from the oven and let sit for a few minutes before unwrapping and serving.

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    Re: Heavenly Hot Ham Buns

    My DH would like this recipe.....Printing!
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