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    Jinnyboom Posted September 03, 2005 06:20 PM
    Found this on another board. RAVE REVIEWS all around. Have not tried this myself .. YET !

    Jalapeno Sweet/Dill Pickles

    1 gallon dill pickles (whole dills, I use Valassic brand Kosher Dills)
    3 lbs. sugar
    1 (12 oz.) jar of jalapeno peppers

    Drain pickle juice off using a large colander. Slice pickles about 1/4 inch thick. Put pickles back in jar in layers (pickles, sugar, peppers, repeat). I use the entire jar of peppers per gallon of pickles, but you can use only 1/2 of jar for less kick.

    The pickles, sugar and peppers will make their own juice. Place the jar on a counter for a little while, flipping it over every now and then to help the sugar dissolve.

    Place in refrigerator. Ready to eat in just a couple of days.

    You can transfer them to a smaller pretty jars for gifts.

    "The taste is so unique. They're crunchy, sweet, dill with a touch of hot. The pieces of jalapeno are even good by themselves because the sugar makes them a milder flavor."