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Triple Mustard Coated Potatoes: by D'sMom

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  • Triple Mustard Coated Potatoes: by D'sMom

    Triple Mustard Coated Potatoes:

    (I havent tried these yet.I'm thinking maybe this weekend we'll have them.)

    2 c.(about 18)tiny new potatoes(Or larger if you cant get the tiny ones),scrubbed
    1/4 c.real butter,cut in small pieces
    freshly cracked black pepper
    2 Dijon style mustard
    1 tsp.dry mustard
    3 Tbls.mustard seeds
    2 Tbls.minced parsley

    Peel off a thin strip of skin around center of each potato.Cook potatoes in boiling water til tender.Drain,return to cooking pan & add butter.Cover pan & let stand 5 minutes or til butter is melted.

    Stir potatoes to coat w/butter,add pepper,mustard,dry mustard,mustard seeds & mix lightly.

    Place in ovenproof dish,keep warm in low oven til serving.Sprinkle w/parsley before serving.