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Grasshopper Pie

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  • Grasshopper Pie

    Grasshopper Pie

    1 Choc. Cookie crumb crust for 9" Pie
    1/2 cup milk
    32 lrg. jet-puffed marshmallows
    1/4 cup creme de menthe
    3T. white creme de cacao
    1 1/2 c. whipping ( heavy ) cream
    few drops of green food color and grated semisweet baking chocolate if desired.

    1.Get crust ready
    2. Heat milk and marshallows in 3 qt saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly, just until marshmallows are melted. Refrigerate about 20 min. stirring occasionally, until mixture mounds slightly when dropped from a spoon. ( if mix. becomes too thick, place saucepan in bowl of warm water, stir mix until proper consistency
    3. GRADUALLY stir in creme de menthe and creme de cacao.
    4. Beat whipping cream in chilled med. bowl with electric mixer on high speed, until stiff. Fold marshmallow mix. into whipped cream . Fold in food color. Spread in crust. Sprinkle with chocolate. Refrigerate about 4 hours or until set. Refrigerate any remaing pie after serving.

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    This looks real good, will have to copy!

    I remember another mint chocolate you posted in T&T!!!! hope we get those recipes soon...I will be a copying fool to say the least!