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  • Orange Ice Cream: by D'sMom

    Orange Ice Cream:
    (This sounds really good!I havent made it yet.Sounds more like a sherbet than ice cream to me.)
    Serves 4-6

    4 Tbls.frozen orange juice
    3/4 c.sugar
    1 c.milk
    1 zest
    1 c.heavy cream
    1 tsp.vanilla
    1 Tbls.(Or to taste)Grand Marnier

    Garnishes if desired:Mint & candied orange zest

    In a large bowl combine OJ,sugar,milk & zest.In separate bowl whip cream & vanilla to stiff peaks.Gently fold whipped cream into orange mixture to combine.

    Pour into loaf pan & freeze overnight.Scoop into decorative dishes or orange shells & drizzle with Grand Marnier.Garnish w/sprig of mint & candied orange zest.