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    rlaquigley Posted September 19, 2005 08:52 AM
    These are some of my most favorite and easy recipes.. Mom and I always give trays away at the holidays so we make a ton of cookies and you gooo..

    1c Butter
    1c Brown Sugar
    3 Hersheys Chocolate Candy Bars
    1c Chopped Nuts

    Butter a cookie sheet, set aside.. Unwrap bars and lay next to cookie sheet and have chopped nuts ready.. also have a spatula with butter ready.
    In a sauce pan over medium heat mix the butter and brown sugar stirring constantly until mixture boils and reaches hard crack on candy thermometer.
    pour into prepared pan and spread with spatula..
    break up bars and place all over candy.. let set 1 min. spread to cover candy and sprinkle with nuts.. let cool and set..
    break with butter knife and store in container..

    Heat oven 350
    Bag of Pecans
    bag of Caramels
    metled chocolate

    On cookie sheets place 3 pecans in a cluster and place a caramel on top.. when sheet is full carefully place in oven and bake 5-8 mins.. watch carefully.. heat just until caramels are melting and can easily be pressed down with a spatula..
    make as many as you want..
    when done and they are cooling on wax paper..
    melt chocolate and spread on top..

    Special bark

    Any flavor bark.. and any flavor Candy canes..
    Prepare candy canes.. take 6 candy canes.. unwrap and place in a zip lock bag.. crush ..
    Melt the bark in a double boiler.. when melted mix in 1/2 of the candy canes.. spread on a cookie sheet then sprinkle remaining candy canes over.. let cool...
    use your imagination with this one..

    Also in the melted bark you can dip oreo cookies any flavor, pretzels, and just about anything yummy you can think of..
    we use both vanilla and chocolate and just dip away..
    have fun