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  • lampladies Rebecca Ruths Bourbon Balls

    lampladies Posted November 28, 2004 08:09 AM
    Mixer, this is the recipe that is the closest to "Rebecca Ruth's Bourbon Balls I have found. It is:

    1/2c softened butter
    1 lb confectioners sugar
    1T heavy cream
    3/4c chopped pecans (if you like, but the orig doesn't have them)
    4T bourbon, (we use Maker's Mark)
    1t cornstarch.

    Beat butter till soft, adding liquids.
    Add cornstarch to powdered sugar, add to butter.
    Beat smooth. Can add more bourbon, but that means more sugar, and cornstarch. Add pecans.
    Use 2 teaspoons to form balls, about 1t in size each.
    Drop on waxed paper, freeze till all are created.

    Dip in Chocholate, and re chill. These are the best, and I hope you enjoy!!!