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  • sharkies Leprechaun Poop

    sharkie Posted February 23, 2004 01:13 PM
    Leprechaun Poop

    The Leprechauns of Ireland
    Bring a special gift your way
    It's full of love and happiness
    On this St. Patrick's Day
    And along with all good wishes
    From this merry little group
    Comes a little something special
    It's a bag of Leprechaun POOP!
    'Tis a little bit of Ireland
    That's been sent upon its way
    To wish you luck and happiness
    On this fine St. Patrick's Day
    It's a wee and tiny present
    From that merry little group
    'Tis the little folk of Ireland
    They have left you their
    Leprechaun POOP!
    So ,you're looking for gold?
    Well ,listen, here's the scoop,
    Those Leprechauns all got away
    But we found their Lucky Poop!
    Use green jelly beans or green tic-tacs.