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  • Ritter_Womans Green Lip Gloss

    Ritter_woman Posted March 13, 2004 09:02 AM
    I just saw this on TV today, our PBS station was having a fund drive, and they had the Kid's Concotion couple on there.

    This would be perfect for little girls.

    Green Lip Gloss

    Each makes 1 lip gloss

    2TB white Crisco
    1 packet unsweetend koolaid (green or ST. Patty's day maybe
    1 film container

    In microwave safe bowl, combine crisco, and koolaid. When mixed together, put in microwave, and let it melt. Usually 30 seconds on low. Pour into film container, then place in refrigerator for 15 min to half hour to let set up.

    If you want to use cherry or strawberry, you might want to have the girls decorate the film canister before you pour the golss in with stickers or glitter, or fabric paint in a tube.

    If you have a lot of girls I would suggest buying those 10 pks of flavor aid for $1. You can find film canisters at camera stores, or any other small container with a lid can be used instead.