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    Bamamama Posted January 30, 2004 04:55 PM
    Bridal Shower Games

    Good Night, Irene
    (rename it with the Bride's name)

    This game helps to bring the shower to a close so play it when it's time for the guests to leave.

    Using a very, very long piece of ribbon, ask the Bride to remove her engagement ring and place it on the end of the ribbon and begin to roll the ring up in the ribbon. Continue until all the ribbon is gone and there is one big ball. Ask the guests to stand and form a circle. Next, ask the unmarried ladies to form a circle inside the first circle (married ladies in the outer circle, single ladies in the inner circle). The Bride and the Ribbon Ring Ball step into the middle of the inner circle.. The ball is handed to one guest who is asked to hold the end of the ribbon. The Bride then unrolls the ball as she passes in front of each guest. When the ribbon is finally unrolled and the ring is seen, then that guest is the next to be married!
    Ice Breakers...easy, fun, simple -- gets the guests to mingle

    Matching Fabric
    Two pieces of each fabric pattern per two guests. Such patterns are plaids, stripes, polka dots, solid colors, felt, netting, and printed fabrics.

    Party Favors
    Use small inexpensive party favors, two of each item for every two guests. Party favors include hearts, doves, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc.

    Christmas Ornaments
    Colored ornament balls, two of each color per two guests. Or use tinsel, bows, holly, ribbon, beads, bells, angels, etc. – things you hang on a holiday tree.

    Provide guests with a blank sheet of blank paper and a pencil, asking them to fold the paper in half. In big printed letters, ask them to write the name of the bride on the top half of the sheet and the name of the groom on the bottom half. Object is to make as many words as possible for each name in five minutes total time for both names. (For example: Kimberly and Richard. Kimberly: lime, like, rib; Richard: hard, rich, chard, rid). Guest with most correctly spelled words is the winner!

    Bridal Purse
    Prior to the party, the Hostess makes up a list of things found in a women's purse, such as lipstick, safety pin, mirror, wallet, drivers license, piece of candy, needle & thread, fiancée's photograph, five dimes, three one dollar bills, address book, gum, tissue, yoyo, etc. When playing the game, the Hostess reads each item and guests go through their purses -- the lady that has the most items is the winner.

    Bridal Rice
    Place uncooked rice in a large bowl and add 50 small safety pins. Each guest gets a turn to reach into the bowl and pull out as many safety pins as she can in one minute. Person with the most safety pins wins! This is NOT as easy as it appears.
    Bridal Shower Themes

    Let The Cooking Begin...
    (...a kitchen shower)

    When guests RSVP, assign them an hour of the day or night, asking them to bring non-perishable foods and preparation items to make the meal for that time slot. This theme works well for first time married as well as second marriages. For an added twist, assign countries, too -- such as Italy, Germany, France, etc.
    For example...
    A guest assigned a 7:00am time (breakfast) can bring a gift that has some of these items: a box of pancake mix, bottle of syrup, mixing bowl, spatula, pancake griddle, hand mixer, box of cereal, cinnamon, nutmeg, toaster, coffee pot, mugs, etc.
    A 5:30pm time (cocktail hour) might bring bottles of liquor, shot glasses, mixing spoons, bar glasses, bottle of cherries, bottle of olives, etc. OR might select that time to do it differently (dinner) and bring boxes of Macaroni & Cheese, potato mixes, jars of spaghetti sauce, pasta, spaghetti pot, collander, other sizes of pots and pans, mixing bowls, wooden spoons, apron, salt, pepper, garlic, spices, etc.

    Night and Day, You Are The One
    (...a linen shower)

    A cute version of the shower above -- assign guests an hour of the day or night, asking them to bring to linens they think would be used for that time slot. This theme also works well for first time married as well as second marriages.
    For example...
    A guest assigned a 6:00am time (waking up and still in bed) with a gift that could include matching bathrobes, slippers, mouth wash, perfume, after shave, hand mirrors, brush, etc. OR might select that time (showers) to bring soap, shampoo, rinse, wash clothes, bath tub pillow, scrub brushes, bath towels, bath mat, tooth paste, combs, hair spray, deodorant, etc.
    A 8:00 pm time (romantic interlude) might bring sheets, pillow cases, blankets, quilts, throw rugs, champagne, chocolate, Kama Sutra book, body paint, body lotion. OR might select that time to do it differently (dinner) and bring tablecloths, napkins, place mats, napkin holders, coasters, aprons, trivets, candle holders, candles, vase, matches, fireside logs, etc.

    Panties On A Clothesline
    ... an entertainingly good theme to use when men will be attending, they'll be glad they came to this one!

    This is a funny and very different shower that is complete with an emcee and provides a life-size centerpiece, entertainment, a party game and a party activity. Add time for opening presents and eating cake and this will be a good-time afternoon for all!

    Prior to the Shower date, request each guest to send you a pair of her (and his if it's a couples shower) underwear BEFORE the shower.
    At the shower AND before the guests arrive, put up a clothesline (perhaps behind the head table if a formal shower or somewhere to be a focal point in the room where the guests will be sitting) and using colorful/decorated clothespins, hang each pair of panties on the line. Pin a number (large enough for everyone to read) to each pair of panties.

    Don't tell anyone ahead of time what you are going to do with these panties... but here's what you ARE going to do.
    When it's time to play a game, pass everyone a piece of paper and ask them to write down all the numbers of the panties, then to write the name of the guest they think owns the panties. (i.e., No. 1 is Aunt Emma; No. 2 is Mary Jane, No. 12 is Earl, etc.) When everyone has finished their game sheet, collect them and put them aside till later.

    Don't give the answers out to anyone, not yet! Select a pair of panties (point to it, but leave it on the clothesline) and give clues about the owner... if you can make it funny, all the better... and ask everyone to start guessing the owner out loud: (i.e., her favorite dessert is "chocolate ice cream"; she is married to my brother; she has 12 kids; she is from New Jersey; etc., etc., these aren't funny, but try to make it funny, sort of like a "roast"). When it is agreed who the owner of the panties is, then remove them from the clothesline.
    ADD some extra panties for people that are NOT there, people you don't even know... such as a pair of boxer shorts for Albert Einstein, blank space on clothesline for Marilyn Monroe (usually didn't wear under-things), diaper (little girl in your family), Depends (Grandma Moses), etc.

    NOW, bring out the game sheets to see who has won -- a prize suggestion is a basket with dusting powder, hand lotion, bubble bath and all wrapped with cellophane/ribbon.

    Let's Pretend We've Been There Already!
    ...a good theme for those brides that are lucky enough to have a lot of showers

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    Bamamamas Bridal Shower Idea pg 2

    Print this list of anniversary years to be included with the invitations:
    1st -- Paper
    2nd -- Cotton
    3rd -- Leather
    4th -- Books, Fruit, Flowers or Silk
    5th -- Wood or Clocks
    6th -- Iron or Candy
    7th -- Copper, Wool or Brass
    8th -- Bronze or Appliances
    9th -- Pottery or Willow
    10th -- Tin or Aluminum
    11th -- Steel
    12th -- Linen or Silks
    13th -- Lace
    14th -- Ivory
    15th -- Crystal
    20th -- China
    25th -- Silver
    30th -- Pearl
    35th -- Jade or Coral
    40th -- Ruby
    45th -- Sapphire
    50th -- Gold
    55th -- Emerald
    60th -- Diamond
    75th -- Diamond (and well deserved the second time!)

    For each guest, circle one of the years and include it with the invitation. Explain that guests are asked to bring something for that year. Think about budgets as you assign years to the guests. For instance, someone on a small budget would appreciate the 1st or 2nd year.

    For example:
    1st Anniversary (paper) and can include paper money, paper gift certificates, stationary, notepads, recipe cards, placemats, tissues, guest towels, paper towels, coffee filters, doilies, paper goods (plates, napkins), toilet paper, etc.
    2nd Anniversary (cotton) can include cotton dish towels, bath towels, wash cloths, throw rugs, place mats, nightgown, slippers, house dress, undergarments, sheets, pillow cases, etc.
    45th Anniversary (ruby) can include ruby red goblets, dishes, table cloth, napkins, placemats, candle holders, lipstick, rouge, dressing gown, shoes, hair ribbons, hats, jewelry, etc.
    60th or 75th Anniversary (diamonds) can include rhinestone jewelry, tiara, rhinestone craft projects, rhinestone-studded clothing, etc.

    Holiday Time is a Perfect Time!
    ...a good theme for those winter weddings, an Ornament/Decoration Shower

    A perfect time of year to think of the newly wed couple’s "first" holiday season together when they trim their Christmas Tree, decorate their house for Kwanzaa or celebrate Hanukah. If the shower is held before the Thanksgiving holiday, add this to the list to the gift ideas.

    While November and December seem to be the perfect months for this type of bridal shower, JULY is a wonderful month to bring the holidays into your summer party!

    Combine this idea with a Cookie Exchange... hot chocolate, mulled wine or cider and lots of holiday music. Add potpourri simmering on the stove to make your house holiday cheery. OR... mix some butter, cinnamon and sugar and bake in a slow, 200-degree oven. When your guests arrive, they’ll think of Home Sweet Home from their childhood!

    Guests can bring anything that is a seasonal decoration, purchased or hand-crafted, to decorate the tree, interior or exterior of the house. Besides ornaments, other gift ideas include Christmas ball hooks, tree lights, tree stand, storage boxes, candy canes, garlands, tree skirt (this is a great idea for a hand-crafted gift), bread dough ornaments, tinsel, etc.

    As each ornament or similar decoration is unwrapped, use florist wire and add it to a wreath that will go home with the bride-to-be.

    Office Showers
    ...good co-workers themes

    Boxes, Cans and Bags -- Bags, Boxes and Cans
    Easy gift buying and fits everyone's budget. All the gifts are items that are packaged in boxes and bags.
    For example:
    Bags: Packaged mixes (potatoes, soup, sauces), candy, bread, potato chips, muffin mixes, Nestle' chocolate or butterscotch chips, salad dressing, sugar, flour, etc.
    Boxes: Cake mixes, bread mixes, croutons, ice cream cones, potato mixes, laundry soap, dishwasher soap, trash bags, Ziplock bags, aluminum foil, Saran Wrap, cereal, etc.
    Cans: Refried beans, soups, stews, chili, frosting, vegetables, cranberry sauce, etc.

    Pound By Pound
    Another easy theme on the budget.

    The co-workers can all chip in to buy a kitchen scale and a bathroom scale, then bring individual gifts to the shower... anything that is sold by the pound.

    For example:
    Flour, sugar, coffee, spices (ounces are okay...), certificate (meat, chicken, pork or fish), cocoa, vegetables, fruit, etc. A trip down the grocery store aisles will reveal just how many items are available!

    Home Work...
    All gifts are items to set-up a Home Office for the bridge and groom. Gift ideas are notepads, pencils, pens, paperclips, stapler and staples, tape dispenser and tape, desk baskets, desk lamp, trash baskets, manila files, hanging files, a desk, file cabinet, steno chair, chair mat, telephone... or gift certificates to a stationary store.
    Who Says Money Doesn't Grow On Trees?
    Take up a collection and create a Money Tree.

    Wish You Were Here
    ...held when the Bride lives in another city or state away from her relatives and friends

    This shower is planned like a regular shower, but with a twist.
    The festivities will be video-taped, so have a volunteer or two with video cameras to capture the whole event (suggest husbands or friends that are not involved with the shower). Provide scissors and tape dispensers.
    Ask guests to bring UN-WRAPPED gifts, wrapping paper, ribbon, bows and gift tag. Suggest light weight gifts, such as sheets, towels since everything has to be shipped to the bride. Check with UPS for "ground" shipping -- heavy weights that can be delivered in 8 to 10 days are inexpensive compared to other carriers and the Post Office.
    At the Shower:
    The main activity is video-taping the guests wrapping the gifts (but only after the item is covered if the box is printed with the name of the gift). The guest can talk to the Bride while she wraps, wishing her well, missing her, giving advice, etc. After the gift wrapping, food and/or cake is served, games played, close the video.
    After the Shower:
    Pack a box that has a Bridal Shower Invitation made out to her (date is when she opens the package), Bridal Shower party decorations, paper plates, cups, plastic spoons and napkins along with a box of cake mix, can of frosting and a package of Lemonade -- along with all the gifts and the video. She can open the gifts as they are shown on the video. Fun idea is for someone to video the bride opening her gifts so it can be shared with all the guests at a later date.

    The Final Decree!
    ...a wonderful idea to help bring smiles and replenish cupboards

    Any of the above themes, such as the Box or Pound Showers work well -- the main gist is to provide friendship, support and soft shoulders. A potluck and champagne (or sparkling cider) and it's like a girls night out without the baggage.

    Been There, Done That!
    ... good fun for those "old wives" that have been married forever and ever and ever and ever and ever... a time to get some new stuff!

    Children can host a surprise shower for their mom, and won't she be surprised!!!!
    If you've been in a church group, club or organization for many years, why not suggest everyone get together and throw a shower for "themselves"? Vote on a dollar limit to avoid financial problems for those on a budget or retirement income. Ask everyone to write their name on a piece of paper and what gift ideas they'd like, fold and put in a bowl. Then ask everyone to draw a name (put it back if you draw your own name) -- that's the person who you'll buy the gift for. Pick a date for a potluck!

    No Way, Jose!
    ... payback as well as a fun reason for a party -- and make it a Surprise!

    If your group of friends is all married except for one girlfriend -- and she has brought gifts to all your bridal and baby showers, then turn-around is fair play. Definitely, this should be a surprise. Set the date and show up at her place ready to have a Single Lady Shower. Ensure ahead of time she will be home and that everything is picked up and cleaned (or she will be very embarrassed). Gifts for her personally, her house, garden, pets will be appreciated and she'll love you forever!

    His, Hers and THEIRS!
    ... a fun idea to let the Groom be showered...

    A couple's shower, for sure! Gifts for the yard (rake, lawn mower, garden tools, seed packets, garden gloves, wheelbarrow, garden hose, etc.) and the garage/shop (tools, his/her workshop aprons, tool box, saws, etc.)