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Spicy Tomato Juice

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  • Spicy Tomato Juice

    Spicy Tomato Juice:
    Makes about 6 quarts.

    25 lbs.ripe tomatoes,cored(about 75 medium tomatoes)
    3 T.spicy Sriracha sauce
    12 T.bottled lemon juice

    Wash tomatoes well & drain them.Remove the core & blossom ends from each tomato.Cut tomatoes into quarters.In a large stainless steel saucepan,simmer tomatoes till soft,stirring to prevent sticking.Juice tomatoes in a food processor or food mill.Strain the juice from the tomatoes to remove the peels & seeds.Gently heat the juice for 5 minutes(At 190 degrees F.),but dont boil it.Add the Sriracha sauce.

    To each hot quart jar add 2 T.bottled lemon juice.Carefully ladle the juice into the hot jars,leaving 1/4" headspace.Wipe the rims & threads.Place the hot lids & bands on,tighten them.Place the jars into the water bath canner,making sure that the tops of the jars are covered by at least 2" of simmering water.Process for 40 minutes.Carefully remove the jars,place on a folded clean cloth & let cool completely.After 24 hours check for a seal.