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Korean Pickled Young Spring Garlic(Refrigerator)w/directions on growing garlic.

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  • Korean Pickled Young Spring Garlic(Refrigerator)w/directions on growing garlic.

    Pickled Young Spring Garlic:
    (This pickle will last for several months in fridge.)
    Makes 1 pint

    About 16 heads of young spring garlic
    About 1&3/4 c.rice vinegar(4% acidity)
    2 T.sugar or Korean corn malt syrup
    2 sauce

    Trim the roots from the garlic.Cut the tops off the garlic,leaving only the bottom 4 inches & peeling off 1 or 2 outer layers.

    Stand the garlic in a clean wide-mouth pint jar & cover w/the vinegar.Clean rims of jar & place the lid & bands on.Refrigerate for 1 week.

    In a non-reactive saucepan,combine 1/2 C.vinegar,3/4 c.water,the sugar, & soy sauce.Bring it to a boil.Remove pan from the heat & let mixture cool to room temperature.

    Pour the vinegar off the garlic & replace it w/the boiled vinegar mixture.Cover the jar & refrigerate for 1-2 weeks before using.

    Direction on growing your own garlic:

    To easily cultivate your own crop of garlic,in the fall or early spring,purchase a couple of heads of fresh,firm garlic(Asian markets are some of the best places to procure good garlic or from seed companies.)

    Separate the cloves,leaving the peel on.Put them in a bowl or a jar & cover w/water.Add a few pinches of baking soda & if you have it,a dash of liquid seaweed(Its supposed to prevent disease of the plants,but its not mandatory.)Let the cloves soak for a few hours or overnight.

    Plant them about 6 inches deep,6 inches apart & w/the flat root sides down.Cover w/a thick layer of mulch.If you plant in the fall,they will sprout & then stop growing till spring,when they will shoot up.When they're 1/2-1 inch in diameter,pull them up & pickle them.Or let them keep growing till about third to a half of the leaves are brown & the bulbs are large but still tight.