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Cumin & Paprika Pickled Turnips

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  • Cumin & Paprika Pickled Turnips

    Cumin & Paprika Pickled Turnips:
    Yields:about 4 pint jars

    3 lbs.turnips,peeled,quartered & cut into 1/2" slices
    1/4 1 salt
    1/4 c.bottled lemon juice
    4 tsp.cumin seeds,toasted
    2 tsp.paprika
    1/4 tsp.ground cayenne
    3 c.cider vinegar(5% acidity)

    Prepare & have ready all canning essentials & equipment.

    Place turnips into a large bowl.Dissolve the 1/4 c.salt in 1 quart water.Then pour this brine over the turnips to just cover them.Set aside for 8-10 hours or overnight.Drain & rinse turnips,then toss them w/the lemon juice,cumin seeds,paprika & cayenne.Set aside.

    In a nonreactive pot,combine vinegar,1 c.water & remaining 1 tsp.salt.Bring just to a boil.

    Working quickly,pack the turnips into the jars,along w/any juice in the bottom of the bowl.Ladle the hot vinegar mixture into the jars,leaving 1/2" headspace from the top of the jar.Use a chopstick to remove air bubbles from the inside of the jars.Wipe jar rims clean,place lids & bands on jars & tighten.Place the jars into a hot water bath canner,bring the water back to a boil,boil for 15 minutes to process.

    Remove the jars to a folded towel & let cool.Check for seal,if there isnt a good seal,then place jar immediately in a refrigerator to store.Label the sealed jars.Place jars in a cool,dark place & store.