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    moo Posted November 29, 2004 05:03 AM
    This was renamed Moo's Madness by a CKer. But, with my Oldtimers Disease advancing, I can't remember who! If you are out there, please speak up so you can get credit for the new name!

    Moo's Madness
    (renamed by luvs2eat!)

    1 16-oz. jar pineapple jelly or preserves
    1 16-oz. jar apple jelly
    5-6 Tbs. prepared horseradish
    5-6 Tbs. dry mustard

    Mix all ingredients well. I generally just store it in the jelly jars. It does make a large amount, enough for all those holiday/office parties...and some to give away! You can adjust the heat by adding or reducing the amount of horseradish and/or mustard. Let set in fridge for several hours so flavors can marry.

    To serve, place a brick of cream cheese on a fancy dish and top with the sauce. Serve with crackers.