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  • MommaBear3Cubs Christmas Crafts

    Mommabear3cubs Posted August 18, 2004 09:09 AM
    Anyone care to share what they make?

    I haven't made these, but they look like fun!

    I know I want to make some of these this year, but we'll see how money and time goes with school and everything! I know the kids will be making the kids' crafts!

    Christmas Kisses Tree

    1 (12 x 4 inch) foam cone
    Aluminum foil
    4 bags (13 oz. each) Hershey's Kisses; holiday colors
    Low heat glue gun, non-toxic glue sticks or craft glue
    Red bow

    Cover foam cone with foil. Glue flat side of green kisses to foil covered cone. Or insert toothpicks into one end of the kiss and the other into the tree. Use remaining red and silver kisses to decorate the tree. Insert one end of the toothpick into the side of each kiss and the other end into the foam cone, filling in the gaps between the green kisses. Glue red bow on top of tree.

    Hershey’s Kisseltoe Ball
    Wire coat hanger
    4 – 8” foam ball
    Aluminum foil; optional
    3 - 6 bags (13 oz.) Hershey's Kisses Holiday Colors
    Glue; low heat gun, glue stick or confectioners' glue
    4 yards (1” wide) holiday ribbon

    Straighten the wire hanger; insert one end through the center of the foam ball. Clear 6” of wire through opposite end; bend a hook at least 1” in length. Pull wire back up through hole, securing hooked end into bottom of foam ball. Determine desired length of top wire. Bend loop at end to form hanger. **Tip: Hang on ladder or clothes rod to decorate. Cover ball with aluminum foil, if desired. Cover ball by gluing green foil-wrapped Kisses with the flat end to the surface of the ball. Decorate with remaining silver and red kisses by inserting end of toothpick into the side of the kiss; insert other end into ball, filling in any gaps. Alternate colors and angles. Finish by attaching a large bow on top and loops of ribbon on the bottom. The completed craft is for decoration; candy should not be eaten.