MommaBear3cubs Christmas Crafts (2)

Candy Wreath

Wire clothes hanger or 8-inch wide round lamp shade ring
2 large bags candy; wrapped in colored foil
Curly ribbon

Make a circle out of a clothes hanger or use lamp shade ring. Tie curly ribbon around one end of the candy, then tie the other end around the wreath. Keep pushing the candy together so that it is stuck out in every direction. This is an excellent gift and very beautiful when done. You can make them in all sizes, the smaller the better.

Kisses Whisks

1 large wire whisk
About 1/3 bag of kisses

Fill the business end of the whisk with chocolate kisses. Wrap in cellophane, red for Christmas or Valentine's Day, green for St. Patrick's Day, etc. Tie with gold ribbon or raffia. Attach a tag "Whisking you a ______" (Merry Christmas, Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy Valentine's Day, etc).

Fire and Ice Centerpiece
1 empty gallon cardboard milk carton; top removed
Pillar candle; 2 in diameter
6 or more rosebuds
Sprigs of fresh holly
Work gloves; optional
Shallow bowl or tray
Additional roses and holly, plus baby's breath; for finished display

Center pillar candle in clean milk carton. Cut the carton to a smaller height if necessary so top of candle, in particular the wick is well above the edge of the carton. Stuff fresh holly and rosebuds around the candle. You may want to wear work gloves when handling holly. Fill the carton with water. Freeze the carton until the ice is solid. To release the centerpiece from the mold, dip the carton in warm water briefly, and then peel the paper away. Place the arrangement back in the freezer until just before serving time. To display, place the centerpiece in a shallow bowl or tray to catch the water as the ice melts. Cluster fresh holly, more roses and baby's breath around the candle's base.