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  • Weight watchers menu + recipes by SKATERONICE

    Week 2
    **Once again, this is just a basic menu I will generally add a side of some type, and if allowed points-wise a snack or treat. Recipes are from a collection of what I have printed off from different sites so I am trusting there point counts. You may want to check points for yourself. I have tried all these so far and they are pretty good, otherwise they get ripped out of my recipe folder.

    Monday – 2 pc. French Toast 7 pts, Crabmeat Salad 5 pts, Ham and Augratins 3 pts = Total points for day 15

    Tuesday- Special K 4 pts, Chicken Tortilla Soup 4 pts?, Yankee Pot Roast 9 pts = Total points for day 17

    Wednesday- Homemade McMuffin 9pts, Roast Beef & Red Pepper Sandwich 7 pts,
    2 Chicken Enchilada 6 pts = Total points for day 22

    Thursday- Toast w/ Jelly 5 pts, Grilled Cheese and Veg. Soup 8 pts, Mushroom Steak with Beans 6 pts = Total points for day 19

    Friday- 2 Cinn. Rolls 2 pts, Chicken Quesadilla 6 pts, Mini Pizza 7 pts= Total points for day 15

    Saturday – Apple/Cin. Oatmeal 5 pts, 6” Subway club no cheese no mayo w/ Mustard 6 pts, Oven fried Chicken 4 pts= Total points for day 15

    Sunday- Awesome Omelette 3 pts, Big BLT 10 pts, Chili Mac 5 = Total points for day 18


    Crabmeat Salad – 2 big servings
    5 Points

    6 Oz. Imitation Crabmeat
    2 Tbl Light mayo
    Chopped Green onion or chives
    ½ to 1 Tsp. Mustard
    ¼ cup fat free Sour Cream
    Onion powder (to taste)
    Salt & pepper (to taste)
    1 cup cooked macaroni noodles or shells

    Cook noodles and measure out 1 cup. Run cold water over noodles to chill them. Mix the shredded or diced crab pieces with the pasta. Mix in the green onions or chives. In a separate bowl, mix remaining ingredients. Pour sauce over pasta mixture and stir well. Put it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight to let the flavors blend.
    Tips: you can also add other things liked chopped celery, and you can serve it on lettuce leaves to make it look fancy. You can also add a sharp mustard to add in to give it more zip.

    Chicken Tortilla Soup Serves 6 -8
    Points 4

    1 – ½ boneless chicken breasts – cooked and shredded or cubed
    15 oz. whole tomatoes with green chilies
    10 oz. enchilada sauce
    1 medium onion- chopped
    1 clove garlic minced
    2 cups water
    14-1/2 oz. fat free chicken broth
    1 tsp cumin
    1 tsp chili powder
    1 tsp salt
    ¼ tsp black pepper
    1 whole bay leaf
    6 whole corn tortillas
    2 Tbl vegetable oil
    1 Tbl chopped cilantro
    Parmesan cheese for garnish

    In electric slow cooker combine chicken, tomatoes, enchilada sauce, onion, and garlic. Add water, broth, cumin, chili powder, salt, pepper, and bay leaf. Cover and cook on low 6-8 hours or on high 3-4 hours. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly brush both sides of tortillas with oil. Cut tortillas into small strips. Place on baking sheet, bake, turning occasionally, until crisp, 5 to 10 minutes. Sprinkle tortilla strips, cilantro and parmesan over soup.

    Per serving 235 calories; 9g. fat; 24g. protein; 16g Carbs, 2g fiber; 510 mg. sodium

    Yankee Pot Roast Serves 8
    Points 9

    Cooking spray
    2 -1/2 pd. Lean beef round, well trimmed (use boneless bottom round rump roast)
    ½ tsp. Black pepper
    ¼ tsp salt
    2 Large onions, sliced
    1 – ¾ cup water
    1 pkt. Onion soup mix
    1 – ½ Tbl. Balsamic vinegar, or red wine vinegar
    1 tsp dried thyme
    3 Large Potatoes scrubbed and quartered
    3 Large carrots peeled and cut
    1 Tbl parsley chopped for garnish

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat a large pot with tight lid with cooking spray, Heat over Medium-High Heat. Sprinkle roast with salt & pepper. Place in pot and scatter onions around roast. Cook, turning roast occasionally, until roast and onions are browned, about 8 minutes. Pour water into pot stir in soup mix, vinegar, thyme and bring to a boil.
    Cover and cook 1 -1/2 hours. Place potatoes and carrots around roast; cover and bake until roast and vegetables are tender. To thicken remove 1 potatoe from pot puree and stir into gravy to thicken. Transfer roast to cutting board and slice against the grain into 16 slices. Serve with vegetables and gravy. Yields about 2 slices of meat, 1 cup vegetables and ¼ cup gravy.

    Egg Fitzmuffin – Serves 1
    Points 4
    1 large Egg – cooking in microwave egg poacher
    1- 2% singles Kraft American cheese
    1 slice Healthy choice honey ham
    1 Serving English muffin - toasted

    Combine all to form sandwich and microwave until cheese melts slightly.

    Roast Beef and Red pepper Sandwich Serves 4
    7 Points

    1 Tbl. Light Mayo
    1 Tbl. Dijon Mustard
    1-2 Tsp Horseradish
    2 (6 or 7 inch) Italian bread shells such as boboli
    10 oz thinly sliced Roast Beef
    2 oz. Monterey Jack cheese
    ¼ cup roasted red pepper cut into strips
    2 cup fresh watercress (I didn’t use this sub’d a lettuce leave)

    Combine Mayo, mustard, and horseradish in small bowl. Carefully split both boboli bread shells in 2 with serrated knife to make 4 whole circles. For each sandwich, spread cut side of bread with mayo mixture. Top with remaining ingredients and fold in half or roll wrap style.
    Calories 334; fat 13g; protein 31; carbs 26; sodium 484

    see reply post for continued recipes ...

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    recipes continued ...

    Chicken Enchiladas Serves 10
    Points 3

    10- 98% fat free tortillas
    15 oz. Boneless Chicken, chopped into bite sized pieces
    1 (16 oz) bag frozen pepper and onion blend
    1 (16 oz) can old el paso fat free Spicy refried beans
    1 (10 oz) can old el paso mild or hot enchilada sauce
    1 – ½ Cups fat free shredded cheddar cheese

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large skillet sprayed with cooking spray sauté the pepper and onion blend until tender, drain off any liquid, remove from pan and set aside. Spray skillet again and add the chicken along with 2 Tbl. of the enchilada sauce. Stir the chicken to coat and cook through. Add the onion/pepper mixture along with the refried beans and mix well to combine. Continue cooking just until the beans are hot. Spray a large pyrex dish with spray. Place 2-3 Tbl. of enchilada sauce in the dish and swirl to coat bottom of dish. Place approx. 1/3 cup of mixture in the center of each tortilla. Roll the enchilada closed and place it seam side down in dish. Repeat with remaining tortillas.
    After all the enchiladas are in the dish, evenly pour the remaining sauce over the enchiladas. Evenly distribute all of the cheese on top. Bake for 20-25 minutes.

    Mushroom Steak Serves 12
    Points 5

    3 pds. Boneless beef tip sirloin steak cut 2-inches thick
    1 Tbl Olive oil
    1 cup fresh mushrooms – chopped
    ½ Cup minced shallots or green onions
    1 Tbl dry red wine
    ¼ tsp salt
    ¼ tsp thyme
    ¼ tsp pepper
    Fat free brown gravy

    Heat oil in skillet over medium heat. Add mushrooms and shallots; cook 4-5 minutes until vegetables are tender; stirring occasionally. Add wine and cook until evaporated. Stir in salt, thyme, and pepper. Remove from heat; cool thoroughly. Meanwhile, trim excess fat from beef. To cut pocket in steak, make a horizontal cut through center of steak, parallel to surface of meat, approx. 1 inch from each side. Cut to but not through opposite side. Spoon cooled stuffing mixture into pocket, spread evenly. Secure opening with wooden toothpicks. Place steak on rack in broiler pan so surface of meat is 4-5 inches from heat. Broil 26-32 minutes for rare to medium, turning once. Place on warm serving platter, cover with aluminum foil tent and allow to stand 10 minutes. Remove toothpicks, Trim excess fat from steak; carve into ½ inch thick slices.

    **note: I ended up not stuffing and used 1 pkg. beef sirloin and split for 2 servings, seasoned with garlic and meat tenderizer. Cook under broiler 10-15 minutes. Served with green beans and topped steak with mushrooms mixture and fat free gravy.

    Gooey Cinnamon Rolls Serves 10
    Points 1

    1 (7.5 oz) can Pillsbury refrigerated buttermilk bisquits
    ¼ Cup splenda
    1-1/2 tsp Cinnamon
    40 mini-marshmallows

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray 10 well of a 12 hole muffin pan with cooking spray. Separate and flatten each bisquit into a 4-inch circle. In small bowl, combine splenda & cinnamon. Dip each bisquit into mixture. Place 4 marshmallows in the center of each bisquit and bring to the edges to form a ball. Place in the muffin tin seam side down. Bake for 8-10 minutes remove from pan and cool on wire rack.

    Chicken club Quesadillas – Serves 1
    Points Unknown I am guessing about 4-6 pts.

    1 Sundried Tomato flat out bread (I think I will use 2 small fat free tortillas haven’t heard of this and would never be able to find in our grocery store)
    1 – ½ Tbl. Salsa
    3.5 Oz. Grilled chicken strips (fully cooked)
    2 Tbl. of real bacon pieces (Hormel)
    ¼ cup 2% Colby Monterey jack cheese
    2 Tbl. chopped green onions
    ¼ cup diced tomatoes

    Preheat the grill (George Foreman or flat top grill) for 3 minutes. On bottom rounded end of Flat-out layer (covering ½ way up the flat-out): cheese, chicken, salsa, bacon,green onions, and tomatoes. FOLD the remaining ½ of flatout over the ingredients. Cook for 4 minutes (2 minutes each side). Remove, cool for 1 minute and cut into 4 triangles.

    Mushroom Pizza Serves 4
    Points 7

    1 (10 oz) can refrigerated pizza crust dough
    Cooking spray
    1 tsp. dried Italian seasoning
    ½ cup pizza sauce
    1 (8 oz) package sliced mushrooms
    1- ¼ cups (5 oz) shredded mozzarella

    Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Unroll pizza dough, and place on a baking sheet coated with cooking spray. Press to a 14 x 10 inch rectangle. Sprinkle dough with Italian seasoning. Bake for 7 minutes. Spread pizza sauce over crust top with mushrooms. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake 6 minutes or until cheese melts. To serve, cut pizza into squares.

    Oven Fried Chicken Serves 8
    Points 4

    1 cup Crushed corn flakes
    1/3 cup flour
    1 tsp. salt
    ½ tsp ground red pepper
    3 egg whites, lightly beaten
    ¼ cup skim milk
    2 lb. boneless skinless chicken breast halves

    Mix crushed cornflakes, flour and seasonings. Mix egg whites and milk in separate bowl. Dip chicken into egg mixture; coat with cornflake mixture. Transfer coated chicken pieces to cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray. Bake chicken at 400 degrees for 15 minutes; flip. Continue to bake 15-20 minutes more or until chicken is golden brown and juices run clear.

    Awesome Omelette Serves 1
    Points 3

    3 Egg whites
    1 cup sliced mushrooms
    ¼ cup Onion - diced
    2 tsp sun dried tomatoes – diced
    1 slice Kraft American cheese- reduced fat ripped into 4 strips
    Cooking spray

    In medium skillet sautee on medium High heat diced onions, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes until mushrooms are fully cooked; transfer to bowl and set aside. Clean out skillet and spray again turn heat down a bit to medium, and pour in the egg whites forming a thin circular layer. Let the egg whites cook a bit until they are almost done and then add the mushroom mixture to top on one side. Top mixture with the strips of cheese and then Fold over the other side of omlette. Cook for a few minutes longer so egg is cooked through, it may be hard to flip but if you can, do so.

    Chili Mac –Serves 6
    Points 5

    16 oz. Lean Ground beef
    ¼ Cup diced onion
    1 (16 oz) can diced tomatoes with Jalepeno peppers
    1 cup water
    ½ tsp Minced garlic
    2 tsp chili seasoning
    2 tsp pourable splenda
    8 oz. (about 2 cups) Uncooked Whole wheat elbow macaroni

    Brown Beef in skillet with Onion. Spray Slow cooker with non-stick spray. Add all ingredients and mix well. Cover and cook on low for 4 hours.

    ** I added 1 can of tomatoe soup, more seasoning, and 1 can water (soup not figured in points)