FRUIT SHAKE - 1/3 c. Fat free (FF) Evaporated milk, 3 T. concentrated frozen orange juice (measure out while still frozen), sweetner to taste, dash vanilla extract, ice cubes. Blend. Banana malt - 1 c. FF milk, 1/2 banana, sweetner, dash vanilla extract, ice. Blend

CHILI RELLENOS - One small can Old El Paso WHOLE long, green chilies. Remove membrane and seeds. Add a few canned mushrooms. Place chilies and mushrooms in Pam-sprayed individual casserole dish. Beat one egg and add a little salt. Pour over chilies and mushrooms. Add slice of FF Kraft American cheese. Bake in oven for about 25 min. at 325 - 350 degree oven. Top with the old WW homemade tomato sauce (cook canned tomato juice until reduced to 1/2.. add seasonings.) Nowadays, instead of the old WW Tomato sauce recipe I just use a tablespoon of Pace picante sauce. Prob. has sugar but..oh well.. This is great for breakfast, lunch or supper!

CHEESE BREAKFAST DANISH - Blend 1/3 c. FF cottage cheese in blender with dash of cinnamon and 1 - 2 packets of sweetner. Add drop of either vanilla extract or maple extract. Spread on 1 slice WW bread. Broil (watch carefully) in oven until bubbly.

We still use these recipes. We hardly think about them being dietetic! Big Grin