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  • Healthy Fall Foods by Nommie

    I found this on the Reiman BB posted by Kathy. I found it really informative.

    The Top Foods Of Fall

    Some of the best foods we eat in the fall and winter months are also the healthiest. Here are some of the best fall foods to eat for weight loss, energy, vitamins, and a "full" feeling:

    (Note: The average person needs about 2,000 calories, 25 grams of fiber, and no more than about 65 grams of fat per day.)

    Butternut Squash
    Half of one can give you a whole day's worth of your recommended amount of vitamin A.

    Nutritional value, 1 cup cooked: 80 cal.
    0g fat
    7g fiber


    These may help prevent weight gain and even help in weight loss because they have pectin, a good kind of fiber which helps you feel full longer and may help lower cholesterol.

    Nutritional value, 1 med.:
    80 cal.
    0g fat
    4g fiber

    Acorn Squash
    This deep-green/yellow-fleshed vegetable is loaded with nutrients called carotenoids. People who have more carotenoids in their blood appear to have lower rates of certain types of cancer including breast cancer.

    Nutritional value, 1 cup cooked:
    115 cal.
    0g fat
    9g fiber


    Sweet Potatoes
    These are packed with beta carotene, which becomes vitamin A in your body. It appears to protect our body from certain diseases including cancer and arthritis.

    Nutritional value, 1 cup cooked: 117 cal.
    0g fat
    3g fiber

    Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage
    These green leafy vegetables are loaded with all kinds of nutrients which appear to help fight cancer and heart disease, including two newly discovered nutrients, sulforaphane and indoles, both of which appear to diffuse certain types of cancer and possibly work against breast cancer.

    Nutritional value, 1 cup:
    60 cal.
    less than 1g fat, and
    4g fiber


    Cup for cup, pumpkin has even more of some vitamins than the green vegetables. It's also loaded with beta carotene which may help protect your eyes and your skin.

    Nutritional value, 1 cup cooked: 49 cal.
    0g fat
    3g fiber