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Weight Watchers meeting last night

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  • Weight Watchers meeting last night

    So, our leader was talking about who is responsible for our weight loss... "ME" we all answered!!

    And then she said, "And when you do well on your program... who rewards you."

    "BEN & JERRY'S" I answered.

    She was not amused. Go figure.

    I had to give back 5 of my 7 paperclips... well... they don't ask for them back (1 clip for every pound) but I felt I didn't deserve to KEEP them. I am back on program!!!
    "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker

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    LOL that is a good one


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      My goodness...No WW recipes now what am I going to do?


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        I think that is funny, Luvs2eat. I would have laughed.


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          I use to go to WW, and it was the crabbiest old lady you've ever seen that did the weigh-in. She never smiled, never encouraged, smarty if you gained a lb.....all she talked about was how she had kept her weight off for years. She was about 70 years old, and had no enthusiasm at all!

          Sounds like your leader, luvs. I would've laughed, too.


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            I think that is pretty funny...To bad she had no sense of humor. Humor gets one through alot of things in life including dieting. What a fuddy duddy crank!


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              I think that's hilarious! Everyone needs a sense of humor.
              "There's no place like home..."