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Splenda No Bake Cookies

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  • Splenda No Bake Cookies

    This is my sisters recipe.

    Splenda No Bake Cookies

    4 c splenda
    Almost 2/3 c milk
    2 sticks butter
    1/3 c cocoa
    21/2 c oatmeal
    1/2 c plus 1 Tbs peanut butter
    dash vanilla

    Mix first 4 ingredients in sauce pan, cook over med heat boiling and stirring 2 mins, remove from heat stir in pb, vanilla stir to blend then add and oats. drop by spoonful onto waxed paper.

    Quick method: pour into 8 by 8 inch buttered pan, cool and cut into squares.

    **Note regular no bake cookies you cook on stove top 3 mins that will NOT work with these, 2 mins max.

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    Re: Splenda No Bake Cookies

    Can you please tell me what I did wrong. I followed that recipe to a T, wasted 4 cups of splenda, and I almost barfed after it was all said and done.

    I have maked what I and my grandmother call "boiled cookies" (what most now call no-bake cookies) for years. Since I was a little kid.

    I started mixing everything together and it smelled great, I really thought I was getting somewhere, I boiled for actually less time than it said to, about 1 min 40 seconds until my gut just told me to stop. And I finished the rest of the recipe. I was so excited to get my teeth into them, I dabbed them out and left a heap in the pan and just took a huge bite and couldn't believe my tongue, I almost gagged. It tasted like trash. Like I dug in the local garbage and just went to town,... trash. What in the world made them taste so dad gum horrible? They're not even edible. I tried my best to eat another bite, but then just folded up the whole foil full of cookies and threw it all away. Now I'm very sad. My hubby is Mr. Workout-Organic-Fanatic won't eat simple carbs and neither would I (that is until I got pregnant, now it's him that won't, but I will.. I'm trying to do this to make him eat a cookie lol).

    Why do they taste so disgusting?? But as I'm sitting here it's like a sweet Splenda aftertaste is coming back? What gives. It's making me sad I was so excited. This doesn't seem possible, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I put in there would make them taste like this, it's almost like part of the metal pan got into it. That's how bad they taste... hmmmmffff


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      Re: Splenda No Bake Cookies

      Wow ....sorry they came out so bad tasting for you, I don't have any idea why yours came out this way, as I said this is my sisters recipe, we both have a old cookbook from our childhood and my sister made this recipe countless times with splenda, since she became a diabetic many years ago and this was always her fav. cookie and so she just kept making them but w/splenda until she liked it, she would makes notes in the cookbook even, lol ...she loved them!


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        Re: Splenda No Bake Cookies

        hmm the recipe look like very interesting so the cookies are also much tasty i will try it at my home thanks dear
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