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Thank you, wishingstar......

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  • Thank you, wishingstar......

    Thanks SO much for importing all those WW recipes from the old site! I had posted a message to Steph when the old board went down on how much I wanted those WW threads and recipes 'cuz I had just joined WW. And, here they are! YOU ARE AWESOME, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! (You even got my WW Lemon Muffin recipe on page 10, which is really good, if I do say so myself!)

    Anyone who has not tried the WW Cottage Cheese/Jello/Pineapple/Cool Whip recipe by LisaSmith that wishingstar brought over on page 10 is missing a real treat!


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    Yes, Wishingstar, I am indebted to you. I thanked you on the other board, but in case you didnt see it, thanks so much again. I really DEPEND on these recipes! Youre a lifesaver!


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      No Problem Ladies!!!

      Thanks for the nice thoughts! I am glad to have replaced all the special diets recipes and boy has it been a real eye opening experience for me ....I cant wait to try MANY of these recipes and then I print them for my sister in Michigan as she is on WW and can use all the recipes too.


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        I had missed a lot of the recipes the first time around too, and I had a problem using the search feature on the old board. This new search tool is so easy and quick! As you were copying them here yesterday, I was snatching them and adding the ones I wanted to try to my personal stack here as quick as I could!