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Checking in for the week

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  • Checking in for the week

    Since we lost the old post, I'm just checking in for the week. Weighed in this morning and I am back on track. Lost 3.8 pounds this week. Might sound good, but I gained a lot over the past 2 weeks, so I am still not down to where I was. At least I'm back on track tho.

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    Great job, Cottun. It is so hard to get back on once you are off. I weighed in last week, didn't want to go, but lost 2.6. I have a bad feeling that it wasn't right. Hopefully, I won't have a gain this week. I will check back in on Thursday. I am just trying to at least go to the meetings to hopefully stay motivated and change small things. I just don't want to give up this time. Sorry, to sound depressing.


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      COTTUN and DENISE...congrats!


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        I stepped on the scale for the 1st time in about a Month and was pleasantly surprised to see I'm down 14.2 #!! Believe me I took a double look, and also stepped off and on again! LOL Guess what I'm doing is working!
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          Way to go hazeleyes!! Congrats!
          "There's no place like home..."


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            Way to go cottun, denise and lhazeleyes!!!!

            I WI last Saturday and I gained 1.4 which is what I removed the week before. Back OP this week and my goal is to lose the 1.4 that I gained and hopefully 1 more pound. I'm so motivated that I actually jogged a little bit yesterday on my way home from the park after my walk. I was hard, but I did it and I am SO proud of myself!!