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Gluten-Free Pasta

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  • Gluten-Free Pasta

    Gluten-Free Pasta:
    Serves 4
    (Its important to weigh these flours,but if you choose to measure by volume,add the water gradually,just till a firm dough forms.)

    3/4 c.(90 grams)arrowroot starch
    1/2 c.(60 grams)tapioca flour
    1/2 c.(80 grams)sweet rice flour
    1/3 c.(48 grams)millet flour
    3 T.whey protein powder(substitute 3/4 cup/53 grams nonfat dry milk)
    1T.guar gum
    1 tsp.xanthan gum
    1/2 tsp.fine salt
    3 large eggs
    3-4 T.(44-60 milliliters)water

    Measure the arrowroot starch,tapioca flour,sweet rice flour,millet flour,whey protein,guar gum,xanthan gum & salt into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted w/the dough hook or a food processor.In a large measuring cup,whisk the eggs w/3T.water & add to the dry ingredients.Mix on low till dough starts to come together.Turn off mixer & press the dough together.You may need to sprinkle in some of the remaining T.of water to moisten all of the flour.Turn up the speed & beat for 2 minutes.In the food processor the motor will start to labor when the dough gets stiff,so take the dough out,place it on a starch dusted countertop & knead it manually for 2-3 minutes,till smooth & flexible.

    Divide the dough into four 4 oz.portions,wrap the portions you are not using w/plastic wrap.& either roll the dough out w/a rolling pin on the counter or in a pasta rolling machine..Repeat w/the remaining portions of dough.Leave as lasagna sheets or cut into noodles.

    Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil for the pasta.Cook the noodles for 1&1/2-2 minutes,then test to see if done.They should be tender but firm,just a little softer than al dente dried pasta.Drain & rinse well w/warm water,if serving warm or cold water,if serving cold.Serve immediately.