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  • Roast Beef

    I go by looks of a recipe I don't have exact measurements on everything...the roast and gravy turned out great and it is the best roast I have ever made and I have made alot of them.

    Roast Beef:

    Preheat the oven to 200*.

    I don't like the roasts that are round..I prefer the flatter kind..sorry don't remember what they are sure you get the idea.
    1 Flat Roast
    1/3 cup all-purpose flour
    Paua Deens House Seasoning-used quite a bit..don't be skimpy
    Olive Oil-used more than 3 tsp.s.
    sliced onion-used 2 large purple onions
    garlic, chopped-used quite a few
    1 pkg. sliced fresh mushrooms
    1 pkg. baby carrots
    Cajun Spice & Blackening Rub-you can buy this at Albertson's. It is really good & I use it to cook alot of food
    Beef Broth-2 cans

    Mix flour & Paula Deens House Seasoning & cover roast all over with the flour and seasoning mixture. Sprinkle Cajun Spice & Blackenig Rub all over the roast-top, sides & bottom...don't be skimpy. I also sprinkled some ground black pepper over the roast.

    Heat olive oil in a skillet or Dutch oven-used Dutch oven and brown the top & bottom of the roast.

    In a roasting pan, add sliced onions, garlic, sliced fresh mushrooms, baby carrots. Put the roast on top of vegetables. Pour beef broth around the roast.

    I baked the roast in the 200* oven for 3 hours approximately. I wasn't sure if it would get done for dinner..we eat around 8 p.m. or I turned it up to 220*. I had the roast on a rack in the roating pan and the vegetables were underneath. I squirted the roast with broth off and on while it baked. Next time I will just just bake it without the rack in it. It really turned out flavorful and very tender. I will probably keep it at 200* also.

    For the gravy..I degreased the broth, melted 1/2 cup butter, added 1/2 cup flour..used a whisk and stirred this..then added degreased beef broth, a little milk and a little kitchen bouquet.

    Mashed Potatoes:

    I boiled the potatoes..I don't bake them with the roast because my experience has been that they are brown when you go to mash them. I like to use whipping cream instead of milk for mashed makes them so much better, added butter, salt and ground black pepper to taste and whipping cream.

    Paula Deen's House Seasoning:

    1 cup salt
    1/4 cup black pepper
    1/4 cup garlic powder

    Stir the ingredients together. Keep the seasoning in a shaker by the stove for convenience.
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    roast beef

    I can't find the Cajun spice and blackening rub. could you suggest a substitute?


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      I just saw your question today...I found this on the web..I haven't made this one but am sure you can find all the ingredients in the grocery store and make it homemade

      Ingredients for Blackening Spice Recipe


      2 tb Paprika
      1 tb Cayenne
      1 tb Chili powder
      1 tb White pepper
      1 tb Black pepper
      1 tb Kosher salt
      1 tb Garlic powder
      1 tb Oregano
      1 tb Onion powder

      Blackening Spice Preparation: Mix all together and store in a sealed container.
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