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Paula Deens Southern Fried Chicken:

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  • Paula Deens Southern Fried Chicken:

    Paula Deens Southern Fried Chicken:


    3 eggs
    1 cup hot pepper sauce
    2 cups self-rising flour
    2-1/2 lb. chicken, cut into pieces or use chicken parts of your choice
    Paula Deen's House Seasoning: Recipe Follows

    1 cup salt
    1/4 cup black pepper
    1/4 cup garlic powder

    Stir the ingredients together. Keep the seasoning in a shaker by the stove for convenience.


    Heat the oil to 350 degrees F. in a deep pot. Do not fill the pot more that 1/2 full with oil.

    In a medium size bowl, beat the eggs. Add enough hot sauce so the egg mixture is bright orange (about 1 cup). Season the chicken with the House Seasoning. Dip the seasoned chicken in the egg, and then coat well in the flour. Place the chicken in the preheated oil and fry the chicken in the oil until brown and crisp. Dark meat takes longer than white meat. Approximate cooking time is 13 to 14 minutes for dark meat and 8 to 10 minutes for white meat. *See Note

    Prep Time: 10 minutes
    Cook Time: 14 minutes
    Difficulty: Easy
    Yield: 6-8 servings

    **We like chicken legs alot and I used pkgs. of them that I had in the freezer. I cooked them for 20 minutes each depends on your deep fat fryer instructions. Just keep an eye on it till you think it looks Rachael Ray says "Eyeball It"
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    I made this awhile ago and we too liked it, I marinated all day in egg/franks hot sauce about 8 hours and expected it to be hotter next time I might try a tad bit of jalepeno juice. oh and I couldnt do her seasoning blend because we are low sodium but still good with less salt to us.

    we LOVE deep fried chicken thanks for posting I have to make this again soon it taste awesomly good!!!!


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      Thanks Roxy!


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        I usually use Franks hot sauce..but..was out so used Tobasco..thx for the wonderful idea about letting it marinade all day wishingstar..I am going to do that next time Your Welcome Bean and wishingstar I finally got your name spelled right wishingstar
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          Will try this....Thanks!!!