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  • Coquilles Saint-Jacques

    here are the 2 recipes I use:

    Coquilles St Jacques

    3 T. butter
    2 pints scallops
    salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
    2 T. finely chopped scallops
    2 c. quartered or sliced fresh mushrooms
    c. dry white wine
    1 c. heavy cream
    1 T. finely chopped fresh parsley

    Heat 2 T. of butter in one large or 2 medium skillets. Take care that the scallops when added will not be crowded. If they are to close together they will not sear propererly and their juices will flow.
    When butter is quite hot and before it browns, add the scallops. Cook over high heat, shaking the skillet and stirring. Season with salt and pepper. Cook about 1 to 2 minutes, until lightly golden all over, less cooking is better.
    Using a slotted sppon, remove scallops and keep warm.
    Add shallots to the skillet and cook briefly. Add the mushrooms and cook, stirring often, about 1 minute. Add the wine and reduce by half.
    Add the cream and salt and pepper to taste. Cook down over high heat about 3 minutes. Add the scallops, swirl in the remaining butter. Sprinkle with parsley and serve.

    Recipe 2

    Salt, pepper
    1 pound sea scallops
    4 T. butter
    1 T. fresh lemon juice
    white vermouth
    cup cream fraiche or heavy cream

    Salt and pepper the scallops and roll in flour, shake lightly to remove excess.
    Heat butter in a large frying pan. When very hot add scallops and cook over moderate heat 4 to 6 minutes. Shake the pan frequently and turn the scallops over halfway through the cooking time.

    Pour the lemon juice over the scallops, stir in the vermouth, then pour in the cream, stirring to scrape any juices from the bottom of the pan into the sauce. Bring the cream just to a boil, add a little salt and pepper and serve.

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    Thanks Jacki, Got 'em Printing Now!!!!


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      This was my mom's favorite treat. She absolutely loved Scallops so I'd make this for her occasionally.


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        I'd prefer the second recipe... which doesn't have 'shrooms... blech!!

        LOVE me some scallops tho!!
        "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker


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          Love C S J....Have not made it in a while! Thanks!


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            I'm Hitting Sams On The Way Home Tomorrow To Buy Some Scallops. Getting The Wine This Evening On The Way Home, Will Buy The Small Bottles, We Don't Drink Wine At Home.