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  • Seafood Norfolk

    There was a local Baltimore chef who briefly had a show on MD PBS, and this was one of the recipes she developed/prepared:

    Seafood Norfolk

    1/2 lb bay scallops
    1/2 lb crab meat - best you can afford
    1/4 lb. proscuitto - or other ham, cut into thin strips
    1 small clove of garlic crushed
    3 small shallots finely chopped
    1/2 lb. butter
    1/2 c dry white wine
    1 c chicken stock
    1 tsp cornstarch mixed with 3 Tbsp cold water
    chopped parsley
    S&P to taste
    Optional - a bit of fresh lemon juice

    In heavy saute pan with a small amount of the butter saute shallots and garlic until tender. Add the wine and chicken stock, bring up to a boil and then thicken with the corn starch/water slurry. Add ham, scallops and crab and simmer just until the seafood is cooked/heated. Add the remaining butter perhaps 1 Tbsp at a time, stirring as you do so. Adjust S&P and add a bit of lemon juice if desired.

    Serve with nice crusty bread for dipping, over pasta or rice.

    BTW, I lost this recipe at one time and Thomas in Delaware found it for me.

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    Re: Seafood Norfolk

    OOOOHHHH!!!!!!! That sounds really good!! I love seafood. THanks!!


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      Re: Seafood Norfolk

      YUM! I've put this in my recipes to try....Tomorrow!!!
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