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Barbecue Burgers

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  • Barbecue Burgers

    Barbecue Burgers

    This is my family’s version of a recipe that appeared in a Crisco cookbook in the 1950’s. It’s very good...juicy, mild and not sweet. When we moved into our house 23+ years ago, my Mom, my Sis, AND my MIL all made and brought this over for the big move day, not knowing that any food would be there at all! This recipe and story came to mind because the young 20 y/o daughter of a former colleague of mine has purchased the house just to our north. When I find out her ‘big move day’, I’ll make this and send it over with buns, chips, etc.

    Ground chuck, one pound
    Oil, Crisco or bacon grease for browning
    Onion, chopped, two medium/large
    Celery, diced, ½ cup or more
    Mushrooms, one small can stems and pieces, drained (can use fresh)
    Catsup, ¼ cup
    Tomatoes, canned, about one cup
    Water, one cup
    Chili powder (optional), up to one teaspoon
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Sauté meat, onions, celery and mushrooms until lightly browned. Add catsup. tomatoes and water. Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, adjusting water if necessary. Serve as-is, open face or use a slotted spoon to serve in a bun. Will hold well in a crockpot and also can make ahead of time and rewarm.

    [You probably could use these ideas to thicken: Before serving, stir in one tablespoon of cornstarch that has been mixed with one tablespoon of water. Simmer a minute or two longer. Or add several tablespoons of tomato paste. We don’t do either as a good number of our family members prefer it open faced with lots of juices.]
    Mary Ann in Wisconsin
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