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Handsdown the BEST burger that i've ever eaten!!! :)

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  • Handsdown the BEST burger that i've ever eaten!!! :)

    (Of course probably not the most healthy of meals.But a great burger has the tendancy to be that way.These are my guilty pleasures after eating healthy for awhile.)

    These are my most fave burgers!

    Growing up & having so many great diners,drive-ins & dives in my hometown,in the surrounding areas & also further destinations that my family had been.One of our most fave burgers was at home!My father loved hamburgers!He was a connoisseur of the hamburger,no joke.When he was making us burgers at home he would either cook the burgers under the broiler & then place w/2 slices of american cheese on top,then he would put them back under the broiler for a few moments so that the cheese was dripping down the sides of the burger & the cheese was a little brown on top,he wouldnt pull them out of the broiler until the burgers were perfectly cooked that way!This is what he would cook to give my mother a day off sometimes,either this or a breakfast dinner.

    Another way that he made them(besides outside grilling over charcoal.)was to fry them in a cast iron skillet.He would make sure that the skillet was smoking hot,then he would sprinkle it liberally w/some salt & freshly ground black pepper(there was no seasoning of the meat itself beforehand.)The burger patties were very thin (& larger than the bun)he would place a ball of burger between 2 sheets of wax paper & when they were paper thin he would place them in the skillet to cook,.After they were done on one side he would take them out,throw some more s&p in the skillet & place the uncooked side down in the skillet to finish cooking.The amount of time in the skillet was probably a minute on each side & the burger itself was very crunchy around the edges..After the second side of burger was done he would place 2 slices of Kraft american cheese(1 on each burger.)Then he would place 1 burger on top of the other,place a lid on the skillet & let the cheese melt,some of it dripping down onto the skillet & becoming somewhat crunchy itself.Then he would lightly butter the sesame seed buns,place them in another skillet to toast them.

    The sauce he would make to slather on the finished burgers he had made that morning.He would mix together: 1 c.ketchup,2 T.mustard & 4 T.brown sugar,then place it aside out on the counter to melt & meld altogether all day.On the toasted sesame seed buns,he would slather the sauce(a little on both buns)then place the double cheese burgers on the bottom bun,then place either a slice of sweet onion or a purple one,which had been sliced thinly onto the top of the patties.The way he sliced the onions & pickles were crucial to him to.He use to say,on a good burger you should get a taste of each ingredient equally in every bite.After peeling these large round onions(as big as the bun) then he would slice the onion vertically,in very thin slices.Then a couple of slices of kosher pickles which were drained,then sliced very thin,horizontally.We always had these yummy burgers with twice fried homemade french fries.We even used the sauce as a dipper for the fries.mmm yum!This is what I will make in the coming week.
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    What a beautiful memory.


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      Sounds amazing. Order me one up please!


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        [QUOTE=mellon;n736590]What a beautiful memory. [/QUOTE]

        Hi mellon!
        Yes thank you, it is a beautiful memory!I close my eyes & go back to those times,especially around the holidays.Miss him so much!


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          [QUOTE=Bean;n736605]Sounds amazing. Order me one up please! [/QUOTE]

          Hi Bean,
          They tasted amazing for sure!I wish that I could hand you some thru the pc screen.To me things dont taste as good as they did when we were kids.I know our taste buds change & so do ingredients,what I wouldn't give for a juicy Dad cheeseburger right now!Yum!