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Moo's Chicken & Rice(w/my variations)

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  • Moo's Chicken & Rice(w/my variations)

    Moo's Chicken & Rice:
    (w/my variations)

    4 c.cooked chicken,diced
    3 c.chicken broth(I use what I cooked the chicken in)
    1-8oz.carton sour cream
    2 c.Minute Rice
    2 cans cream of soups(I use 1 chicken & 1 mushroom)
    1 medium sautéed onion( My variation: w/it I dice up 2 celery stalks, 2-3 garlic cloves & salt & pepper to taste.Saute in a skillet w/olive oil till tender,let cool.)
    1-4oz.jar diced pimentos(My variation)
    2 tubes Ritz crackers, crushed(I don't use the crackers,I use shredded cheddar cheese instead)
    1 stick melted butter(I omit this,the cheddar cheese is buttery enough)
    1-8 oz cheddar cheese,shredded(Instead of crackers)

    Cook chicken(My variation:I boil it with 2 chicken bouillon cubes,2 tsp.dried parsley,1 T.dried onion flakes & a little ground black pepper.When cool,debone & dice.In a skillet saute the onions,garlic & diced celery w/some olive oil.Cook till tender,let cool.)

    In a large bowl,place the chicken & mix w/the broth,rice,soups,pimentos & sour cream.Add the cooled veggies & stir to mix well.Spray a baking casserole pan(9x13 inch) w/cooking spray,then place the mixture into it.

    Put into a 350 degree oven & bake for 20-25 minutes.(My variation:Take out of oven & sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese over the top.Carefully,w/a spoon push the cheese lightly down into the chicken & rice leaving some of it on top.Bake for 15 minutes longer, take out when its all bubbly around the edges.Serious comfort food!

    Edited for:to finish typing recipe.
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