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Chiles Rellanos Broth/Sauce

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  • Chiles Rellanos Broth/Sauce

    My mother got this recipe about 65 years ago from a Mexican lady she used to work with and it’s always been my favorite sauce for chiles rellanos and other dishes as well.


    For the broth:
    Saute one or two onions in a large stock pan.(I used 2 small onions)

    Also saute a couple cloves of chopped garlic along with the onions.

    Use 3 chicken bouillon cubes, crumble and add to the onions. (I used 1 Tbsp Better Than Bouillon chicken paste) Add the chicken broth.

    If using canned chicken broth use two cans and add a little water. (I used a full quart of chicken broth) Bring to a boil and add a large can (28 oz can, do not drain) of chopped tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste, then add about a heaping tablespoon of dried oregano, crushing it between our palms before adding to the pot. Let the soup boil for a few minutes and drop the previously prepared chilies into the soup and let boil about long enough to melt the cheese and the batter to puff up. Place a chile in bowl, add broth, and serve.

    What I do: I use an immersion blender to smooth out the sauce, just lightly, leaving small chunks. I heat up the chiles rellanos in a skillet and then put them in a bowl and ladle the very hot sauce over them.

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    TY Charlene. Sounds like something even I could do do you buy prepared chilis? I've never made .them. Joe wouldn't touch any kind of pepper with a 10 ft. Pole.


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      I used to make them from scratch, it’s kind of a mess to do and really not worth the effort for one person. Ken wouldn’t eat them either. For years I was able to buy packages of stuffed, battered and fried frozen chiles rellanos but the company quit making them. Now during peak Hatch Chile season I can order them directly from the source. They come frozen and I just vacuum seal and freeze them in packages of 2 chiles. I have the recipe for making them if you’re interested but it is messy.


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        I just wanted to add a little note here…I reheated some of the sauce and poached 2 eggs in it this morning. Wow! Was that ever good!!